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Loading times for webpages and applications directly impact the success of your project. If you want to give your visitors a better experience, explore the main features and benefits of LiteSpeed.

What Is a LiteSpeed Web Server?

LiteSpeed provides an alternative to Apache HTTP servers released a little over 15 years ago. However, many hosting companies have started installing LiteSpeed in just the last two years.

It comes with several features to deliver better performance, including caching, custom PHP LSAPI, and a more stable framework. It also supported by cPanel, allowing those with less web hosting experience to easily swap out Apache for LiteSpeed.

LiteSpeed can handle thousands of clients simultaneously while using a minimal amount of server resources, including CPU and memory. It also compatible with the Apache mod_security feature and comes with additional anti-DDoS protection for greater security.

LiteSpeed vs. Apache Servers

LiteSpeed Web Server

Apache is the most used server for HTTP traffic. Released in 1995, Apache is open-source software maintained and developed by an independent community of developers. It now serves close to one-third of all websites.

LiteSpeed was officially released in 2003 by LiteSpeed Technologies. Roughly 9.2% of all HTTP/2-enabled websites run on LiteSpeed servers.

The first notable difference is the people behind the servers. LiteSpeed is maintained by a company while Apache is an open-source program. However, the team at LiteSpeed Technologies developed a powerful alternative to Apache. Advantages of LiteSpeed compared to Apache include:

  • Faster speeds for web pages and applications
  • Improved PHP performance
  • Better protection against DDOS attacks
  • Compatibility with Apache

LiteSpeed comes in three different editions. The OpenLiteSpeed edition is an open-source version of the software intended for personal and commercial use. However, it does not work with hosting control panels such as cPanel.

Most hosting providers install the Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition of LiteSpeed. These editions provide greater stability and are compatible with most hosting control panels.

While these editions of LiteSpeed are not open source, switching may help reduce hardware costs compared to upgrading a server running Apache. Instead of spending more to upgrade an Apache server, you can enjoy the benefits of LiteSpeed.

Speedier Communication

LiteSpeed provides a significant speed advantage. It can handle thousands of connections and requests at a time while delivering data much more efficiently compared to Apache.

The default configuration of a LiteSpeed server is up to six times faster. When using LiteSpeed with SSL certificates, it is three times faster.

Faster PHP Performance

What Is a LiteSpeed Web Server — LiteSpeed vs Apache | Hostream

On average, LiteSpeed may improve the performance of PHP servers by up to 50% or more. Compared to Apache servers running the EA4 default with CGI, LiteSpeed delivers up to 200 times the performance.

The server uses unique APIs to get more out of PHP. These unique APIs include the PHP LiteSpeed SAPI (LSAPI). It is optimized to serve PHP scripts even when serving thousands of requests to hundreds of users.

Improved Security

Enhanced security is another useful benefit of LiteSpeed. Compared to Apache, LiteSpeed is better equipped to deal with DDoS attacks.

LiteSpeed utilizes Apache’s mod_security. Using the same mod_security feature ensures that you receive at least the same level of security provided by Apache. However, LiteSpeed adds enhanced (Distributed Denial of Service) DDoS protection.

In one test comparing the security of Apache and LiteSpeed, Apache performed poorly. It was overwhelmed by a DDoS attack and eventually crashed. LiteSpeed managed to block the attack and continue serving files without any noticeable delay.

LiteSpeed Apache Compatibility

LiteSpeed is a drop-in replacement for Apache servers. If you currently have a website or application running on an Apache server, you can easily switch to LiteSpeed. It is 100% compatible with the older server software.

LiteSpeed WordPress Advantages

LiteSpeed vs WP Cache plugins
LiteSpeed vs WP Cache plugins (from official website)

When using LiteSpeed with WordPress, you should notice a major improvement compared to running the same website on an Apache server. Most of the advantages discussed directly address some of the limitations of WordPress.

WordPress relies heavily on PHP files. In fact, the entire framework of a WordPress site relies on PHP scripts. Thanks to the improved PHP performance, LiteSpeed can significantly improve loading speeds.

LiteSpeed is also better equipped for handling multiple simultaneous requests. If you have a website with lots of traffic, you are less likely to notice bottlenecks due to too many users.

LiteSpeed Magento sites also enjoy these same benefits. Magento is a popular eCommerce platform that relies on open-source technology. As with WordPress, it is written in PHP, making LiteSpeed the perfect choice for Magento hosting.

LiteSpeed with CloudLinux

LiteSpeed is a cross-platform server, allowing hosting providers to select different operating systems including CloudLinux.

CloudLinux is a distribution of Linux that uses lightweight virtual environment (LVE) technology to manage the resources for multiple virtual servers running on a single physical server. You can enjoy lower prices and better overall performance.

Combining LiteSpeed and CloudLinux brings multiple benefits. Along with the improved performance of the LiteSpeed servers, you get increased stability, efficiency, and speed from CloudLinux. The two technologies working together also provide greater scalability and a 100% server uptime guarantee.

If you are tired of slow-loading webpages, switch from your current hosting plan to a cloud web hosting solution that utilizes LiteSpeed and CloudLinux.

Who Should Consider Using LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed offers a faster, more powerful alternative to Apache, making it a great choice for almost any website, application, or database. It is suitable for low-traffic and high-traffic sites, including everything from small personal blogs to large eCommerce sites.

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