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Your business or entrepreneurial venture requires online exposure. However, if you want people to find your site, you need the best hosting services.

Without a quality hosting plan, you may experience slower speeds, security threats, and a greater risk of server downtime. LiteSpeed & CloudLinux Web Hosting gives you the resources needed to avoid these issues.

What Is Website Hosting?

To understand the advantages of cloud-based web hosting, it helps to know the basics of web hosting services. With a hosting account, you gain access to a server managed by the hosting provider. The server hosts all the pages and files for your website, allowing the world to find your business.

When you choose a standard shared hosting plan, your files reside on a large web server shared with other customers and their websites. You share resources, including bandwidth and storage.

With shared hosting, you may experience slowdowns when other sites experience traffic spikes. At the same time, a surge in traffic on your own site may lead to bottlenecking, which will prevent some visitors from accessing your site.

Cloud-based website hosting provides an alternative to unreliable shared hosting. With a cloud-based plan, the hosting provider stores your files on a cluster of servers instead of one shared web server.

The cluster of servers shares virtual resources to host your site. The distribution of resources across multiple web servers provides greater stability and faster speeds, along with many other benefits, such as:

  • Scalable hosting plans
  • Greater data security
  • Reliable server uptime
  • Best overall hosting value

Not all cloud-based options provide the same advantages. The reliability of the service depends on the servers and the operating system (OS).

Cloud Web Hosting with CloudLinux OS and LiteSpeed

Some hosting companies use LiteSpeed web servers for their hosting solutions. As the name suggests, a LiteSpeed web server (LSWS) delivers much faster speeds.

Developers released LSWS in 2003, and it is now the fourth most popular web server. Hosting providers rely on LSWS for its advantages over Apache servers.

LSWS uses event-driven architecture to simultaneously serve thousands of clients while limiting resources on the cloud servers. This results in page load speeds four times faster compared to Apache servers.

To manage the virtual resources shared among the cluster of servers, cloud-based services need a suitable OS, such as CloudLinux.

What is CloudLinux?

The CloudLinux OS is an operating system designed specifically for shared hosting using cloud architecture. It allows hosting providers to manage the distribution of memory, storage, CPU resources, and bandwidth across multiple servers.

What do these features mean for you and your business? Take a closer look at the top reasons to use cloud web hosting services.

Web Hosting in Germany Solutions Deliver Faster Speeds

As mentioned, the combination of LiteSpeed and CloudLinux for Web Hosting provides you with much faster speeds compared to shared hosting.

With these Linux solutions, you avoid many of the problems that plague shared hosting plans. Instead of sharing resources on one server, multiple servers share the load.

These hosting plans also benefit from the raw speed of LSWS, which delivers PHP content faster compared to Apache servers. This makes it the ideal choice for PHP dependent platforms, such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.

If you have a WordPress site on a shared hosting plan, you will experience slower speeds and occasional downtime when your monthly traffic increases. LiteSpeed WordPress hosting with cloud servers keeps your site visible 24/7.

With cloud-based PHP web hosting for your WordPress site, your visitors no longer need to wait for resources to load due to bandwidth limitations.

Cloud-based Web Hosting Offers Scalability

When you first launch your startup or business website, you may not receive a lot of traffic. As your online presence increases and you gain more visitors, you need a hosting solution that can keep up with the growth.

Upgrading to a higher plan is much easier with Cloud Web Hosting. Scale your resources up or down as needed to accommodate the flexible nature of operating a business.

Using LSWS and CloudLinux also allows hosting providers to offer affordable hosting packages. With the added value of these hosting solutions, upgrading to a higher plan does not have to significantly affect your budget.

Avoid Downtime with Cloud-based Web Hosting

With shared hosting plans, providers often guarantee 98% or 99% server uptime. If your site remains down 1% of the time, you lose at least three days of online exposure per year.

The CloudLinux OS manages the servers working together to serve your website to the world. If one server goes down, resources shift to the other servers in the cloud configuration. This virtually eliminates server downtime.

Cloud-based Web Hosting Protects Your Data

The same configuration that helps you avoid downtime also protects you from data loss. Your data stays in the cloud, with files shared across a cluster of servers.

Besides protecting against data loss, LiteSpeed with cloud web hosting provides enhanced data security. It includes built-in DDoS protection while the cloud servers allow for faster backups. Thanks to the ease of data transfer, some hosting companies even offer hourly backups.

If you do experience a software problem or a malicious attack that requires you to recover data, these cloud solutions allow you to get up and running again quickly. You can easily restore your site using the last backup.

When you first start an online business, the idea of free hosting seems attractive. You can start building a site without investing any money. However, free and cheap web hosting options lack the features you need to grow your business.

With free or inexpensive hosting plans, your websites can only receive a limited number of visitors each month. You also get limited disk space and may need to deal with much slower page loading times.

Some of the inexpensive plans claim to offer unlimited web hosting. However, when you reach a specific bandwidth limit, the hosting provider slows access to your site or charges you more.

Most cloud-based plans have limits on data storage and bandwidth, but the benefits of LSWS and CloudLinux ensure that you receive dependable speeds.

LiteSpeed servers feature optimization to handle thousands of clients without experiencing bottlenecks. A bottleneck occurs when too many people try to visit your website at the same time, preventing the servers from serving the site to everyone.

You do not need to worry about the number of visitors that you receive. In fact, the combination of advantages discussed should eliminate any concerns you have about hosting your website in the cloud.

Conclusion — LiteSpeed Hosting with CloudLinux Is the Top Solution

In the end, the cloud offers the best hosting for any business, startup, or online project. You get faster speeds, scalable solutions, greater security, and protection against downtime or data loss.

For about the same price as shared hosting, you receive a superior platform for hosting your website.

If you want to explore the benefits of LiteSpeed & CloudLinux Web Hosting for yourself, try YottaHost Hosting.